Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to Ribbon you can find answers here to your questions. If you already have the app, the Support Centre is a good place to resolve queries.

Is Ribbon free?

There are no charges for joining the platform.

What will I need to join?

You will need to send us:

-Proof of identity, with a recent photograph
-Mobile details: to receive an OTP
-Your residential address, with postcode/pin code in UK/India, respectively

Steps to onboard:
-enter your name and date of birth in accordance with your ID and email address
-scan your ID (to verify your document)
-take a selfie (to verify your identity)

How do I add money to my Ribbon Wallet?

You can add money by the following methods:

Tap on “add money” on the Home screen, then tap on “Debit Card”, and enter details, including card number, expiry date, and CVV, or alternatively scan the back and the front of the card.
Tap on “Add Money” on the Home screen, then tap on “Easy Money Transfer”, and choose which bank you want to transfer from.
Tap on “Add Money” on the Home screen, then tap on “Apple Pay”, enter the amount, tap on the “Pay” button and add money.
Tap on “Add Money” on the Home screen, then tap on “Salary”, and send an email to your employer with Ribbon’s details.

How do I send money to a Ribbon contact?

Click on the "Send Money" or "Payments" button on the Home screen, and then click on "Ribbon User" from the drawer. Select a contact you want to transfer funds to from the list of Ribbon Users. Enter the amount and add a note for the recipient's reference.

What are Ribbon Coins?

Ribbon Coins are a part of the loyalty program, and you can view them in the widgets section.

As soon as you sign up, you get 500 coins and on referral, both the parties get 500 coins each.

Once you have a minimum of 5,000 Ribbon Coins, you can redeem them against a cash amount which will be added to your Wallet (5000 RC=50 GBP).

Earning coins is easy, too: you earn them by spending money in selected restaurants, shops, etc.

How do I split the bill with Ribbon users?

Click on “More” on the Home screen and then select ‘split a bill’ from the “Notifications” pop up. You can then select the Ribbon User with whom the bill will be split. Once the bill is split, you will get a summary of how it has been divided.

How do I reach customer support?

Click on “More” on the Home screen and select “Support”. You can search in the FAQs or choose Chat with Us to talk things over with the Bot.

Still looking for information?

If you were unable to find answers to your questions here or not satified with the answer, then send an email to or initiate a livechat with us.